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What’s the best fat burning exercises?


Fat burning exercises and weight loss go together rather like a car and its fuel, i.e. one is not so good without the other!  When asking, however, “what are the best fat burning exercises?” remind yourself they are the type you like the most.  As I am sure you would agree, there would be no point in doing the “best workout to lose fat” known to man (or woman) if you do not enjoy it.  That said, let’s now take a look at some of the best fat burning workouts you could do while bearing in mind the importance of enjoying your regime!

High-Intensity Interval Training (Otherwise known as HITT)

To burn fat workout regularly!

To burn fat workout regularly!

HIIT involves alternating bursts of short and highly intense anaerobic exercises with periods of recovery.  Indeed, when it comes to the best exercises to burn fat, HIIT is the way to go.  What makes HIIT so effectual, however, is because it sparks metabolic processes within your body that enhance fat breakdown which, in turn, leads to fat being used more efficiently, i.e. as fuel for your body, plus a higher calorie deficit meaning more calories burned after your workout.

Does that sound like a good fat burn workout to you?

The above said I would not recommend HIIT for those new to exercise.  Instead, there are many alternative forms of exercise designed to burn fat newbies could consider, like the ones mentioned below.  Instead, HIIT is more ideally suited to experienced and regular exercisers who are up for the challenge!

Before undertaking any workout to burn fat, however, it is always wise to seek your GPs advice first – particularly if you are on medication or have a health condition.



Why not take a look at the HIIT exercise video below.  I think it contains one of the best workouts to lose fat you could find!


Circuit Training

Circuit training can provide an effective fat loss workout!

Circuit training can provide an effective fat loss workout!

Circuit training consists of a set of exercises (cardio, strength or even both) done alternately, without a break in between.

Similar to HIIT, this fast-paced workout will keep the heart rate up, thus helping your body to burn extra calories and use fat efficiently, as fuel for your body.

Circuit Training will also contribute to something known as “the afterburn”, which means you will continue to burn extra calories hours after you have stopped working out.

Should you wish to add some variety to your workout regime while burning that fat and maintaining lean muscle, circuit training is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Also, this type of exercise offers excellent fat burning workout routines for everyone.  Yes, even beginners can start with the basics and then gradually move on to more advanced forms of training.




Are you looking for such exercises to lose fat that you could do at home?  If so, you may find the following to be of great benefit – I did!



Weight-lifting is one of the best exercises to lose fat!

Weight-lifting is one of the best exercises to lose fat!

When looking at the best workouts to burn fat, you should certainly not dismiss weight-lifting as it offers oh so many benefits.

I am sure you would like your body to metabolise fat more efficiently but feel you may be thrilled at the idea of gaining strength and stamina at the same time?  Lifting weights, correctly, can do all of this, as well as enhancing the number of calories you will burn post-workout.

As you would be using resistance, i.e. your body, a machine or weights against your muscles, with the right exercises, this will, in turn, create more muscle strength and endurance.  It is important to remember, however, that when weight training you need to be sure you are lifting enough weight to overload and challenge your muscles for them to gain in strength.    Nevertheless, so as to prevent injury, it is always wise to seek professional advice before embarking on a weight-lifting workout – as it is with any form of exercise.

Generally speaking, weight-lifting is ideal for most people, be they a teenager, pensioner, beginner, overweight or otherwise – making it one of the best exercises to lose fat for all!


Why not check out the following video.  I feel it contains an excellent fat burning workout derived via weight lifting.


Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercises provide amazing fat shredding workouts!

Anaerobic exercises provide amazing fat shredding workouts!

Anaerobic exercises are movements performed at high intensity.  Very often they are a staple of the fat loss exercises outlined above but can also include activities such as running and sprinting as well. In fact, any highly intense exercise requiring periods of short exertion are classed as anaerobic.

If you like variety, you could incorporate anaerobic exercises into your favourite cardio workout to boost the number of calories you burn.

Should you be a regular exerciser who is up for the challenge, you may wish to start your anaerobic workout regime at a moderate level.  You  could, for example, begin by doing 30 seconds to one minute of anaerobic exercises over a four to five minute period.  After that, as your strength and endurance increases, you could move on to more advanced anaerobic fat burning workouts.

Fortunately, intense workouts such as these certainly help to burn fat fast.  They do so by triggering the release of hormones in your body that are responsible for burning fat (especially the growth hormone) thus increasing its ability to utilise fat and enhancing afterburn!



I hope you enjoy this excellent anaerobic fat burning video!

While I sincerely believe the above types of exercise can provide some of the best workouts to burn fat, perhaps they are not for you?  Maybe you would prefer simpler forms of exercise to lose fat?  Perhaps you don’t have access to a gym or no desire to visit one?  Whatever the case may be as I always like to cater to the tastes of all my readers, I hope the following exercises are of interest to you.

The High Knees Exercise

This is one amazing exercise to burn fat!

This is one amazing exercise to burn fat!

To perform this movement effectively, you would need to do the following:

a)  while in a standing position place both feet shoulder distance apart;

b)  jump from each foot and at the same time bring your opposite knee to your chest in quick succession.

Want to make this simple yet effective fat burning exercise even more challenging?  You could do so by making fists with both hands and as you swing your leg up bring them both together underneath it.

Yes, this exercise does require stamina so it is important to pace yourself when undertaking it and gradually build up to 50 reps as you get stronger.

To make this somewhat solitary exercise more fun, you could carry it out to your favourite music or why not invite a buddy around to do some fat burning exercises with you?


Get prepared to carry out one of the best exercises to burn fat!

Get prepared to carry out one of the best exercises to burn fat!



Forward Kick and Punch

This highly effective move should kick-start your fat burning regime and all without the need for any equipment!

To perform it correctly you need to proceed as follows:

a)  start with your feet shoulder width apart;

b)  kick your right foot forward until it is approximately level with your waist;

c)  punch outwards with your left arm.

d)  repeat with your left foot and right arm.

To get the most from this exercise, you need to aim for 20 reps.

As effective as it may be, when performing the forward kick and punch do remember to give yourself enough space to carry it out – thus avoiding any unwanted accidents or breakages!


Here is one highly effective exercise to reduce fat!

Here is one highly effective exercise to reduce fat!

Mountain Climbers

This is one of my favourite exercises as it is excellent in toning your body plus strenuously taxing enough to get the blood flowing.

Remember, the higher your heart rate becomes, the more fat you will burn.  That said, it is incredibly important always to work within your personal heart rate zone.

To carry out this exercise you will need to:

a)  position your body in the push-up position;

b)  jump your right foot forwards in the direction of your hands;

c)  quickly bring your right leg backwards while bringing your left foot forwards;

d)  repeat 20 times.

As with all highly strenuous exercises, you may wish to have a towel and water to hand!



Eight Count Body Builders

8-count body builders are exercises that burn fat fast!

8-count body builders are exercises that burn fat fast!

This amazing fat burn exercise requires you to use your whole body, meaning it doesn’t just build muscle but burns fat at the same time.

Here’s how to do it:

a)  placing your feet shoulder width apart, put yourself in a low squatting position then jump upwards and reach your arms out over your head;

b)  after landing on both of your feet put your hands on the floor and jump backwards, putting your body in a push-up position.  At the very same time you should jump to the side, with both feet, thus widening your stance;

c)  jump both your feet back together and having done so, do a push-up;

d)  to finish off, jump both feet back in the direction of your hands and stand up.

e)  Repeat the exercise, aiming for 15 reps as your strength and ability increases.



In this post, I have endeavoured to bring to you not simply exercises that burn fat but to inform you of what exercises burn the most fat in a relatively short space of time.  Bearing this in mind, what if you have particular needs?  Perhaps, for example, you want to know about the best exercises to reduce belly fat rather than the best workout for fat loss, i.e. your requirements may be specific rather than general?  After all, a lot of people, including myself (I must admit) do have problems in this particular area.  Therefore, if you, like me, are interested in some great exercises to lose belly fat, why not check out the video below.  I consider it to contain some of the best belly fat exercises you could find.





N.B.:  It is important to remember no exercises to get rid of belly fat will work by themselves.  In fact, the best fat burning workout in the world won’t.  Instead, you need to adopt a three-pronged approach when it comes to burning fat in general, those being:


PhenQ could aid your fat burning and weight loss goals!

a)  eating the right foods -check out some of the best fat burning foods by clicking here now;

b)  carry out an effective fat loss workout on a regular basis – perhaps you like one (or some) of the above?

c)  consider taking a fat burning supplement, like PhenQ, which for me is excellent and you can learn all about by clicking here.

In short, you need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to losing weight and burning fat.  Therefore, please don’t just ask yourself “what is the best workout to burn fat?” or “what is the best exercise to lose belly fat?” as they won’t get you very far if you eat the wrong diet and live an unhealthy lifestyle.

After all, people search online every day for the “best fat loss workout” or the “best exercise to burn fat” but how many of them are getting anywhere?  Well, in all honesty, I am 100% convinced they would be far more successful in achieving their weight loss goals if they followed the three-pronged approach outlined above and now so can you!

In summary, I trust you feel we have looked at many forms of exercise to help you burn that fat and lose weight, i.e., what exercises burn fat, exercises for belly fat and fat burning workouts that you could do at home.

I should now like to leave you with this wonderful relaxing video.  I feel it is ideal to calm and soothe you at the end of your workout and hope you enjoy it.



On a final note, please remember the best fat burning exercise is the one you like the most!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!









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