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40 Steps To Flat Abs for Females!


Flat abs are a great desire for many people.  However, before getting down to the nitty-gritty as to the many ways women can get flat abs, we need to do a little myth busting first!

Mythbuster 1

The acquisition of rock hard abs is no longer solely the desire of males, as there are equally (if not more) ladies who also have this goal in mind.  True, us girls may have to work harder for longer to achieve this end, although it is far from being impossible.  All you need is the right mindset, sufficient knowledge plus a few tools and you will be well on track to getting those sexy girl abs in next to no time!

Mythbuster 2

I am sure you have read those magazine articles on the many ways to get rid of belly fat and thus gain flat abs.  In reality, however, there is no way on earth you are going to lose fat in one isolated area of your body.  It just isn’t possible.  The way, however, of getting those fabulous flat abs is by losing weight all over, as well as toning the muscles in the whole of your core area.

Myths busted, let us now take a look at how to get flat abs fast girls!

Step 1 – Do Look to your Diet First!

The best way to get flat abs is to start with the right diet!

To achieve maximum weight loss, in a healthy way (of course) and so get a flat stomach quick, you need to make sure you take in fewer calories than what you burn.  Burn more/consume less is the rule here.  You need to aim, therefore, for approximately 1200 to 1500 calories per day but make sure you feed your body with all the nutrients it needs at the same time.  Therefore, your diet should consist of lean proteins like those found in eggs, nuts, meat, fish, beans, lentils, seeds and healthy unsaturated fats, such as those found in olive oil and should, most certainly, include those oh so necessary omega 3’s.

In addition to the above, don’t forget to aim for at least five portions of vegetables and fruits per day, as they are not only very low calorie wise, as well as being filling but also burst with all those nutrients and vitamins your body needs on a daily basis.  So don’t leave them out!  However, that is not all, as by considering the following further dietary advice,  you should be well on your way to achieving fit flat abs pretty quickly!

Step 2 – Don’t Omit the Omega-3’s!

Omega-3s are understood to burn fat because they boost your blood flow!

There has been such a lot of research into the many foods that burn body fat, as well as supplements designed to do the same.  However, I am more convinced as to the fat busting ability that omega-3 provides as it has been investigated, thoroughly, as a fat burner and results would appear to be conclusive.

For example, one study found that after supplementing their diet with fish oils, overweight individuals during a six-week period both shed fat and gained muscle, thus making them slimmer and looking more toned.  Apparently, these very same people also had less cortisol, the stress hormone, in their bloodstreams, which promotes the storage of fat around the stomach area.

Anywhere between 2-3gs of Omega-3 supplementation is believed to be safe for most people.  That said, please check with your GP first, especially if you are on medication, have a continuing health condition or are pregnant.

The above said, should you be one of those ladies who doesn’t like the idea of taking omega-3 in tablet form, then you can always consider some of the following omega-rich foods that burn fat fast!

Step 3 – Enjoy an Egg!


Woman With Egg

Omega-rich eggs have added health benefits as well as helping you stay fuller for longer!


Eggs are well known in assisting dieters to lose weight by helping them to stay full in between their meals.  There is no reason they shouldn’t do the same for YOU too!  However, you need to make sure that the eggs you consume are from hens that feed on flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3s!  By doing so you should not only reap the benefits omega-3 eggs provide but by helping to curb your hunger, they should help you to get a flat tummy fast!

Step 4 – Feast on Fish!


Eating oily fish can aid with weight loss and contribute to a healthy heart too!

The best source of omega-3 is from oily fish so do try to enjoy a couple of servings per week.  True, they may contain more calories and fat than the white variety but the health benefits they bring are certainly worth it.  For example, eating oily fish should not only aid your weight loss endeavours, all of which leads to you getting washboard abs but may help to keep your heart healthy to boot!

The best type of oily fish includes mackerel, salmon, pilchards, sardines and tuna.  It is perfectly OK to buy your fish tinned, although you would be wise to steer away from tinned tuna as the omegas become destroyed during the canning process.

Step 5 – Scatter the Seeds!

Enjoy healthy seeds in sweet, hot and savoury blends!

Seeds, particularly flaxseeds, fall into the category of foods that help burn fat because they also contain those magic omega-3s!  Their inclusion in your diet, then, should only but lead to a healthier body with flat abs!

You can stir seeds into your favourite yoghurt, sprinkle them on your breakfast cereal and they can even be included in a recipe but however you add them to your dietary regime, enjoy!

While on the subject of diet, please also consider the following:

Step 6 – Slash The Salt!

You could suffer from water retention if you have an excess of salt in your diet!

Too much salty food in your diet is a no-no as among other things, it can promote water retention, something that certainly doesn’t contribute to that firm flat abs look.  Therefore, you need to cut down on the amount of salt you put on your dishes, as even the best foods that help burn fat would become useless should they be covered with too much of this white stuff.  Reducing salty foods such as bacon and crisps is also to be advised if you want to get toned abs fast!

Step 7 – Go Green!

Green tea is believed to both help boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories at the same time!

Green tea is not only delicious but can be a great aid to those wishing to slim and achieve flat abs in the process.  What makes it the slimmer’s friend, I feel, is because it contains an abundance of polyphenols which are necessary to activate a particular enzyme responsible for dissolving excess triglyceride in your body, too much of which turns into fat.

Consuming green tea is also felt to increase endurance during a workout and boost your metabolism at the same time.

What are you “weighting for” – put the kettle on!

Step 8 – Pass The Probiotics!

Probiotics can help prevent that dreaded bloating!

If you were to prepare a list of foods that help burn fat, then please do not leave probiotics out.  Why I put this is because recent studies suggest that people who make probiotics part of their diet tend to have less of the bacteria linked to obesity and more of the friendly bacteria (which prevents that dreaded bloated look) within their systems.

You can enjoy probiotics in the form of yoghurt or a yoghurt drink.  However, you may also wish to check out foods with prebiotics added to them, such as cereals, onions, asparagus and artichokes.

Step 9 – Forget The Fast Food!

Fast Food is often Junk Food and will not help you to get flat abs fast!

For one, junk food is mostly choc full of calories, most of them derived from fat.  In fact, if you were to consume just one junk food meal it could contain enough calories, if not more, than you should be eating all day.  Obviously, this is not how to get your abs in shape or indeed, any other part of your body!  Instead, prepare your own dishes as much as you can, follow the advice herein and these measures alone should put you in excellent stead for getting those fit flat abs as soon as possible!

Step 10 – Use Your Loaf!

Wholemeal bread provides plenty of fibre, making it good for your digestive system!

Yes, the good old “staff of life” is yet another food that can help you lose weight!  Why this is so is because it aids you in feeling fuller for longer and therefore to resist filling up on fatty foods.  However, wholemeal bread is recommended rather than white because it contains more fibre, which promotes the efficient working of your digestive system, thus preventing bloating and so helping you gain those fabulous flat abs!  Wholemeal bread also tends to contain fewer calories.

Step 11 – Go For the H2O!

Lovely woman drinking water

Water that is!  So how can plain old water help you lose weight and get firm flat abs?  Due to its fabulous properties is the answer to that!  You see, water is not only an appetite suppressant but it also helps to boost your metabolism, cleanse your body and beautify you at the same time!

You should aim to drink eight 8 oz glasses of H2O each day to assist with weight loss and maintain a sensible weight.  In doing so, it should help give you brighter eyes, a clearer complexion and yes you guessed it – a hot flat stomach in the process!

Step 12 – Ponder the Packaging!

If you are serious about gaining a beautiful flat stomach, you must educate yourself as to what you are eating!

Yes, knowledge IS power, particularly when it comes to losing weight and gaining a nice flat stomach.  It is important, therefore, that you check food packaging carefully, so as to determine the calorie and fat content of that what you are consuming!

Step 13 – Perhaps You Need a Portion Plate?

These ingeniously simple pieces of crockery can be a great aid where losing weight and so gaining firm flat abs are concerned!

It’s quite clear that to lose weight you need to eat the right amount of the correct foods and exercise sufficiently (the latter of which we will be looking at soon).

The above said,  just how big IS a portion you may well ask?  Thankfully, with a portion plate to hand this need no longer be a concern for you as they are designed to help with the visual management of your food intake in a healthy balanced way.  Indeed, they take the gamble right out of guessing your portion sizes by guiding you to just the correct amount of food you should be putting on your plate, so you can lose weight and remain healthy – leaving you to relax and get on with your day!

Surely they deserve a place in your kitchen?

Step 14 – Get Supplement Savvy!

Supplement Savvy

The right supplements can help aid healthy weight loss!

I need to stress that it is your everyday diet, exercise and lifestyle that are more conducive than ANYTHING when it comes to losing weight and getting firm flat abs – things you cannot find in a bottle!  Nevertheless, there is an increasing amount of supplements on the market today that are designed to aid weight loss.  One of them is Omega-3’s, which we have already looked at in some detail.  You will also find, however, other supplements such as Chitosan, Chromium Picolinate, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Glucomannan and Green Tea Extract, to name but a few, which are all designed to help you in your weight loss endeavours.

The above said, pregnant and lactating ladies should seek medical advice before considering taking any form of supplement, as should anyone with a health condition and those on medication.  You have been told.

Step 15 – Snack Sensibly!

Happy young woman eating apple in kitchen

Apples are fibre packed – making them one of the best foods to eat for a flat stomach!

OK, we all feel the need to snack on occasion and wouldn’t be human otherwise!  Nevertheless, it is essential to control those cravings (if you seriously want gorgeous flat abs that is) and you will do so with the right kind of snack, such as:

some roasted (unsalted) nuts – just a handful mind!

a small bowl of olives (about 20 in total) – which is a much healthier alternative to crisps!

an apple (of course!) – which contains just about 100 calories!

a portion of grapes – 30 of which would go towards your five a day and still only contains about 100 calories!

a tin of tomato soup – which is both filling and bursting with goodness!

a couple of satsumas – which are delicious, full of vitamin C and very low in calories!

Indeed, these are among the best snack foods for a flat stomach – enjoy!

Step 16 – Don’t Overdo It!

Skipping meals is NOT how to get flat abs!

In a nutshell, skipping a meal, i.e. ANY meal and yes that DOES include breakfast is not the way to go.  For one you may become so hungry, you could slip back into bad eating habits but it also needs to be remembered that your body needs both carbs and protein to build lean muscleso no starving please, ever.  Sermon over!

Step 17 – Enjoy your Exercise!

Remember the best exercises for a flat stomach are the ones you enjoy doing most!

Having looked at the many ways your diet can help you achieve firm, flat, beautiful abs; we now need to turn to the subject of exercise!

Before looking at some of the best exercises for a flat tummy, it is important you remember to do the type of exercises you enjoy the most as the more you like them, the more you will stick to your routine!  Please also seek medical advice prior to starting any exercise regime, particularly if you haven’t exercised for some time and are unsure as to what exercises would be suitable for you.

We shall now take a look at some of the best ab exercises for a flat stomach.  Read on!

Step 18 – Sit Up

and listen – LOL!

Woman Doing Sit Ups

Sit-ups rank amongst the best exercises for washboard abs!

Sit-ups will both tone and tighten all of those abdominal muscles from below your sternum to above your pelvis.  Here’s how to carry them out effectively:

a)  with head and neck totally relaxed, position your hands (as illustrated above) so as to steady your head;

b)  while keeping your neck as straight as can be, put both feet flat on the ground making sure those shoulders remain distance apart throughout –  you now have a great base from which to work!

c)  check that your back is largely, although not entirely, flat on the ground, whereas your shoulders and hips make total contact with it;

d)  ensure that your back is neither overly arched or the arch itself pressed into the ground, your spine nice and relaxed and that chin is away from your chest;

e)  beginning at approximately 180 degrees, use your stomach muscles to raise your body up to a 30 degrees angle, although no more than;

f)  exhale on the way up and inhale when coming back down;

g)  always endeavour to perform a pleasantly slow movement and go for quality over quantity every time!

h)  smile – you have done it!

i)  aim to reach between 10 to 15 repetitions but always pause for 30 seconds before undergoing another set of reps;

j)  how many sets you complete depends, very much, on your personal fitness levels – just don’t push your body beyond its capabilities, please!

Breathe, smile, relax – you got there!

Step 19 – The Superman (or should it be Superwoman?)

Here is yet another exercise that can help you get toned abs girls!

Moves do not have to be complicated to produce good results and The Superman is brilliantly simple yet incredibly effectual where gaining firm flat abs are concerned.  Here’s  how to do it:

a)  get on all fours on your exercise mat (knees beneath hips/hands beneath your shoulders);

b)  check that your head is in neutral position;

c)  raise your left arm and right leg from the ground at the same time,

d)  your arm needs to be level with the remainder of your body, as does your leg, which should be quite straight (see illustration above);

e)  hold for second or two, lower and relax your body then repeat;

f) you need to aim for 30 moves (both sides please!) to start with and then progress to 40 and finally 50 as your ability and strength increases;

Smile – didn’t that have you feeling (at least) like Superwoman with firm flat abs?

Step 20 – Do The Bump (Shift that is!)


The Bump Shift is a great exercise to strengthen your side muscles!

The Bump (believe it or not) Shift is said to be a beneficial exercise for pregnant ladies – when carried out carefully and appropriately of course.  However, it is a particularly easy move for anyone who wishes to strengthen their side muscles, which is oh so necessary when it comes to the acquisition of firm flat abs!  Here’s how:

a)  lie on your left-hand side making sure your legs are perfectly straight;

b)  put your weight on your forearm, making sure it is pointing forwards like in the picture above;

c)  take your hips off the floor, tighten that tummy and hold your neck neutrally;

d)  hold the position for a second or two then start to lower your body back to the floor;

e)  after almost touching the floor raise your body again and go into the next movement;

f)  aim for 30 bump shifts (both sides again please) to start with, then 40 and finally 50 as your strength and ability increases.

Don’t you feel good already?  You should as the acquisition of those firm flat abs is getting closer and closer!

Step 21 – The Plank Exercise

The Plank helps to keep your core strong, your posture superb and that midsection enviable!

The Plank is one of those incredibly simple exercises for a flat stomach in that it is easy to carry out, can be done (almost) anywhere and is extremely effectual in firming up that mid-section.  Here’s how you do it properly:

a)  while in a downward facing position, rest on those forearms;

b)  raise your body off the ground, making sure your weight is on your toes and elbows;

c)  ensure that your back, head and toes are all in a straight line;

d)  hold the position for approximately 20 seconds while tilting your pelvis;

e)  lower your body back to the floor;

f)  aim to (comfortably) do as many planks as you can for three minutes, gradually building up to your personal maximum number of repetitions in 10 minutes.

Smile – you are getting closer, by the day, to achieving firm flat abs!

Step 22 – The Cobra

The Cobra is one of the best yoga poses for a flat stomach!

In your pursuit for firm flat abs, you do need to say yes to yoga and The Cobra exercise is a great place to start.  It goes like this:

a)  lie on your tummy on the floor;

b)  make sure your palms are facing downwards and your hands positioned beneath your shoulders;

c)  if you are feeling any tension in your bottom and back try to let it go now;

d)  while keeping those hips on the floor, gently press upwards arching your back as you go – ensuring it is your arms that are doing all the work and not your glutes or back;

e)  endeavour to keep those arms nice and straight but stop should you feel any discomfort!

Keep smiling you are doing great!

Step 23 – Core Climber Exercise

Core Climber Exercises for a flatter stomach can be extremely effective!

This exercise is what I feel to be an improvement on the traditional Bridge, due to the movement it requires, which brings about more benefits!  You do it like this:

a)  preferably position yourself on the ground in the traditional push-up position, i.e. feet shoulder-distance apart, your chest being over your hands and eyes looking straight ahead.  However, should this be a little too difficult for you to start with, you may want to place your hands on a bench instead, like the raised one illustrated above;

b)  maintain a good posture;

c)  raise your right foot and bring your knee in until that thigh is vertical;

d)  do not rotate your torso or hips;

e)  repeat on the other side;

f)  aim for 40 moves (both sides ladies) to start with and then endeavour to graduate to 70 and then 100.

You are looking good girl with the flat abs!

Step 24 – The Reverse Crunch Exercise

The Reverse Crunch gives a great burn – meaning awesome flat abs for YOU!

This version of The Crunch exercise, when done properly, can provide a fabulous burn.  Here’s how:

a)  start by lying down on your exercise mat (as illustrated above), making sure that those thighs are vertical, yet your knees gently bent;

b)  ensure that your palms are placed downwards, arms by your sides;

c)  raise your head and your shoulders from the floor;

d)  squeeze through those abs, take your tailbone from the ground and those feet up and over your head – but don’t use momentum;

e)  gently come back down again (no crashing please) and having done so off you go once more!

f)  aim for 40 moves to start with and then gradually 70 and finally 100.

Keep going, you are doing well and those firm flat abs are getting closer!

Step 25 – Leg Lowering Exercise

Here’s yet another awesome exercise for gaining gorgeous flat abs!

In this particular move, your legs will become “the weight” and while it can be a particularly tough exercise to carry out, the Leg Lowering Exercise can help produce the most amazing results when it comes to gaining firm flat abs!  Here’s how:

a)  lie on your exercise mat, as illustrated, with arms by your sides and palms facing downwards;

b)  raise those legs until they become vertical;

c)  take your head and shoulders from the floor;

d)  steadily, let your legs go back to the ground;

e)  go back to the vertical position once more;

f)  have a target of, say, 20 movements to begin with and then, gradually, as your strength and ability increases aim for 40 and finally 60 if you can.

Take a deep breath – aren’t you glad you achieved that?

Step 26 – Ball Roll-Out Exercise

This exercise can seriously help you to give those abs of yours one awesome workout.  Grab your ball!

Here’s one five-star move that should seriously help you get those gorgeous flat abs!

To do this exercise effectively you will need to:

a)   kneel down on an exercise mat, behind a Swiss stability ball, with your hands on top of it, palms facing downwards;

b)   gently lower your body and roll the ball out in front of you while keeping your abdominals tight, so as to prevent a fall;

c)  having ensured a good stretch outwards, contract those abdominals and go back to your starting position;

d)  aim for between 12 and 15 repetitions if you can.

N.B.:  this is a challenging exercise so if your body says “no more” then stop at a point where you are comfortable – an injury does not lead to flat abs!

Congratulate yourself – you are doing well!

Step 27 – Go for a Spin!

on a bike I mean!

Remember my saying that to get gorgeous flat abs we need to lose weight all over?  Good.  Well, spinning is, in my opinion, one of the most effective fat burning exercises women can enjoy participating in that helps with all round weight loss!  Also, it is not only fun and exhilarating but can down-right addictive too!

Spinning is becoming increasingly popular and no wonder as it can help you to scorch approximately 500 calories in just one class!  Furthermore, peddling is great for strengthening your thighs, calves and glutes, as well as help you burn fat and get fab flat abs!

Why not check out spinning classes at your local gym to find out whether it provides one of the best fat burning workouts in YOUR estimation?

Step 28 – Find a Four Legged Friend!

Regular walking is such a pleasurable way to burn fat and your canine friend can be great company on your journey!

Does walking burn stomach fat?  The answer to that is if carried out regularly enough and briskly enough it should assist you to lose weight all over – including from the stomach area!

Who better to take with you on a nice country walk, or stroll in the park but your four-legged friend.  You can walk or even run with him (or her), play fetch (which is great fun) and have some canine company at the same time!  What are you waiting for – grab that lead and go – girl with flat abs!

Step 29 – Book a Buddy!

Time tends to go faster when working out with a friend!

Exercise friends or fitness buddies (whatever you choose to call them) are becoming increasing popular and there is little wonder at that!  Here are several good reasons you may wish to partner exercise workouts:

a)  time should go more quickly – we all know that solo workouts can sometimes seem to drag but with a buddy by your side it should appear to fly instead;

b)  by being accountable to somebody else you are less likely to cancel your workout;

c)  you can motivate and track each other’s progress;

d)  you can celebrate joint successes – like gaining those firmer flatter abs!

Why not go and book your buddy now?

Step 30 – Move to Music!

There are many benefits of listening to music while working out!

Don’t have a dog?  No buddy to hand at the moment?  Then grab that smartphone or i-pod, download some music and take that with you on your workout instead!

Working out while listening to music can aid your weight loss efforts (which leads to firm flat gorgeous abs) as follows:

a)  it is a healthy kind of distraction, meaning you become less aware of the exertion associated with exercise, which may aid your endurance levels;

b)  you should work harder when listening to fast music – though not too fast please (120-140 bpm is considered to have the most effect on those who exercise moderately);

c)  particular songs tend to have an emotional effect, which is understood to boost your physical performance;

d)  listening to music can help enhance your mood and release any feelings of negativity;

e)  music being music makes you want to shift that body – need I say more?

Convinced?  I hope so.  Now where’s that i-pod!

Step 31 – Perform with a Pro!

You should find many gyms hiring personal trainers today – why not check out your local one for details?

It is a sobering fact that as much as we might try to do things by ourselves, or even with a friend, we still need to seek out professional guidance on occasion, to reach our goals as quickly and positively as possible.  If you feel you have come to this point where losing weight and gaining fab flat abs are concerned, you may need to turn to a personal trainer for further guidance.  He or she should be able to assist you as follows:

a)  by getting you off to a good start with the right exercises, schedule, diet and lifestyle;

b)  by alleviating any workout boredom and challenging you at the same time;

c)  by showing you how to exercise, effectively, by yourself;

d)  by holding you accountable and motivating you every step of the way – and some!

Where is that gym membership?

Step 32 – Consider the Stairs!

no, not the lift or elevator!

Why not try some stair climbing for weight loss – it could help YOU get those firm, toned flat abs!

What can be one of the simplest and best exercises for flat abs is, would you believe, climbing those stairs!

Climbing stairs alone is not, I can assure you, enough to help you lose weight and so gain firm flat abs.  However, should you combine this challenging activity with a healthy lifestyle and of course, diet, then it should help you considerably in your weight loss endeavours – all of which can lead to the abs of your dreams!

You could start by climbing your stairs for 2 1/2 hours per week, over five half-hour sessions, should you wish to exercise moderately.  However, if you would prefer more vigorous stair climbing activity, then you could go for five quarter-hour sessions for just  1 1/2 hours per week.

To gain the maximum fat burning effect from your stair climbing activities, while minimizing the possibility of any injury, it is important you stay in your personal target heart rate range (between 60 and 80% of your personal maximum heart rate).  Do bear that in mind before taking your first step.

Step 33 – Hire a Hypno!

More people than ever are turning to hypnosis for weight loss success!

therapist of course!

Does hypnosis work for weight loss?  Well, it would appear that there is a growing number of people who believe that it does.

In simple terms, while your diet focusses on what food you eat, how much and how regularly you eat it, hypnotherapy is designed to help change your feelings about food.  True, it may be particularly hard to imagine yourself turning down your favourite dish for a healthier choice.  However, a good hypnotherapist may be able to help you develop new ways of thinking where food is concerned, take control over any cravings and remain optimistic in your approach to weight loss.

A hypnotherapy session may involve you visualising your body the way that you want it to be, i.e. lithe, slim and need I say it ……. with firm flat abs!

Step 34 – Perhaps You have been Pregnant?

Did you know breast feeding could help you burn, approximately, an extra 500 calories per day?

Need to know how to get a flat stomach after pregnancy?  Many ladies do, so consider the following, if you would, where getting those firm flat abs back is concerned:

a)  if you decide to breastfeed your baby your body will burn additional calories to make milk and breastfeeding itself also sparks contractions that aid in shrinking your womb – giving you a whole body workout!  Yes, Mother Nature does know what she is doing!

b) losing weight after giving birth is a natural desire for most women and generally perfectly OK to do but please proceed gradually (you could become more tired otherwise) and always under the supervision of your GP;

N.B.: losing 1 or 2 lbs per week should not affect the quality or quantity of the milk you produce and neither, therefore,  the healthy growth of your baby;

c)  extremely low-calorie diets are not advised but having a post natal check before losing any weight IS;

d)  the dietary advice contained herein should be of great benefit where regaining those fabulous pre-pregnancy flat abs are concerned, however, if in any doubt as to what you should and should not be eating, your doctor needs to be your first port of call;

e)  check with your GP as to whether or not your body is ready for exercise and if the answer is yes, please consider the following exercises, again with your doctor’s permission first:

Post-Natal Abdominal Crunch

This exercise should be OK to do two to three weeks after having given birth, providing it was a normal delivery and your GP has examined you.  Should you have undergone a caesarian section, however, you are advised to postpone doing this exercise for six weeks at least and again, even then, to seek medical advice before carrying it out.  That said, It goes like this:

while lying on your back, bend those knees and make sure your feet are flat on the ground;

steadily, take your head (only) from the floor and pull those abs in the direction of your spine – exhale as you go;

contract your abs (always towards your spine), for a couple of seconds about 20 times per day;

by carrying out the above exercises regularly, you should soon see and feel those abs getting stronger!

Post-natal sit-ups (weeks six to twelve)

After having had your post natal check up and assuming all is well (you still have your GP’s permission to continue to exercise), you should be aiming for 30 repetitions of the crunch described above and as many as three sets each day.

It doesn’t stop there though as we now need to move on to the sit-ups as follows:

assume the same position as outlined above for the Crunch exercise, only, this time, hold your head with both hands and slowly take it and your shoulders from the floor;

hold for a few seconds and then steadily take your body back to the floor once more – remembering to exhale on the way up and inhale on the way back down;

aim for 30 repetitions and about three sets per day – you can always increase the number of repetitions week by week as your strength and ability increases.

Well done Mum with the firm flat abs – they should be getting closer now and if you like walking you can always take your baby with you!  Where’s that pushchair?

Step 35 – Take Some Rules to the Restaurant!

You can still make healthy choices while eating out!

Gaining a slim, lithe body and firm flat abs doesn’t mean to say you will have to stop enjoying life!  Far from it.  Eating out is, for a lot of people, one of life’s pleasures and it should be for YOU too!  The following may help you to both enjoy your night out and still stay on track with your weight loss goals:

a)  try to have an idea of what you would like to eat before going out as this should help you to remain focussed and prevent any confusion where oh so many choices are concerned;

b)  you may wish to avoid any complimentary foods, such as bread, which can be somewhat tempting to pick at if left on the table;

c)  anything that is crumbed, fried or battered needs to be avoided and replaced by a steamed, oven-baked or grilled dish, which would be a much healthier choice;

d)  sipping on water when dining out is always a good idea as it helps you to remain hydrated and can curb hunger at the same time;

e)  ordering a glass of wine instead of sharing a bottle is always advisable;

f)   instead of having a desert to yourself why not share one instead – it should leave you feeling oh so virtuous!

Who said losing weight and enjoying yourself at the same time wasn’t possible?

Step 36 – Watch what you Wear!

Lovely woman in black dress

The right tummy slimming shapewear can help you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside!

We all know that what we wear underneath can have a very great impact on how we look on the surface!  Luckily,  there is some excellent shapewear on the market today that can give the illusion, at least, of having gorgeous flat abs, as well as a firmer slimmer body in general!

Luckily, you will find online (and offline) a range of beautiful core shaper briefs, stunning core body shapers, lovely shaping shorts, ingenious tights designed to shape your core, bottom and tummy and would you believe it; core shaping dresses too!  There is also some great shapewear for the man in your life so get Googling to find out what is best for you!

Who says it isn’t OK to cheat on occasion – especially if we have a special event to attend?

Step 37 – Post a Pic!

Having a good role model for weight loss is a brilliant idea!

It goes like this.  Find a picture of someone whose looks and figure you greatly admire (yes that includes, of course, someone with firm flat abs) that you wish to achieve for yourself.  In fact, it can be a picture of you before you gained weight.  Go and stick that picture on your fridge and/or food cupboard.  Now every time you feel the need to reach for that cookie jar, it will be a reminder to you that each and every cookie you consume will take you that little bit further away from achieving the dream body you are looking at.

Need I say more?

Step 38 – Learn about Lipo

suction that is!



Have you been searching the internet for stomach liposuction before and after pictures?  Before continuing to do so, you need to stop and look at some of the facts about this somewhat increasingly popular form of fat removal because no matter what liposuction has (or has not) done for others, it needs to be established as to what it may (or may not) do for you.

Liposuction is the art of removing small fat bulges, thus improving the shape of your body.  It is regularly carried out on the abdomen (so yes it can help with the acquisition of gorgeous flat abs), hips, buttocks, thighs and even the face.  What liposuction does not do, however, is remove cellulite, just simply fat deposits from areas where YOU want them removing.

If you are:

of normal weight (or slightly over);

your skin is firm and elastic;

you are in good health but nevertheless have found that diet and exercise have not produced the type of results you may be looking for where flat abs are concerned:

then you may be a good candidate for liposuction.

N.B.:  Your age should not overly concern you when considering this form of fat removal.  However, the older you are, the less elastic your skin will be and therefore the kind of results you achieve may not be as good as that a younger person, with tighter skin, may experience.

Should you wish to consider liposuction to gain the kind of awesome abs you desire, then please discuss this with your GP first and have your treatment carried out with a reputable practitioner with considerable years of experience in the art of liposuction.  In doing so, you should not regret it.

Step 39 – Remember to Reward Yourself!


Winners need to reward themselves for their efforts where gaining those flat abs is concerned!

Are you feeling like a winner by now, lady with the firm flat abs?  I hope so and if this is the case, it is time for you to reward yourself!

Should you reward yourself for losing weight and gaining the kind of abs some people merely dream of?  You bet you should and here’s why.  For one, rewards add to our sense of motivation and when it comes to making those scales go downwards, we NEED to be motivated and the right rewards can give us the strength to remain so.  Also, adding rewards to your weight loss journey can add some fun to it and obviously, the more fun the journey to your weight loss goal is, the more likely you are to achieve it!

Now where IS my weight loss journal?

Step 40 – Practice being Positive!

flat abs

Positive thoughts help you stay motivated during weight loss!

Have you ever known anyone with a negative outlook seriously lose weight?  I can’t say that I have.  Sincerely,  if YOU want to really shrink YOUR waistline and get adorable abs in the process you must maintain a positive attitude because adopting a pessimistic approach will get you absolutely no-where!

Should you find any negative thoughts creeping into your head where your weight loss goals are concerned, try to change them as quickly as possible to more positive ones.  For example, you may need to remind yourself that persistence really does pay off in the long run and you can’t be expected to make massive strides in a short space of time.  Avoiding negative people and negative places should also assist you greatly in maintaining a positive attitude, thus keeping you empowered and motivated on your weight loss journey.

Keep smiling – you WILL get there!






















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