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How to Get Washboard Abs Fast!


Want to get sexy, ripped washboard abs guys?  What man wouldn’t?  This being the case, I am sure there are many men out there who have asked themselves questions such as:

how do I get washboard abs quickly and effectively?

what are the best workouts to get washboard abs?

is it possible to get washboard abs in 30 days or less (perhaps before a big event)?

or, quite simply:

can anyone get washboard abs?

Perhaps you have asked yourself some of the above questions, or just feel the need to tone up and must figure out, therefore, what are the best exercises to get washboard abs quickly, i.e. in time for the summer months?

Whatever the case may be, the advice contained in this article should be a good starting point for you to get the abs of your dreams! That said, I cannot say it will help you to get washboard abs in a week. Nevertheless, if you are a man on a mission and always asking yourself the question “just how do you get washboard abs fast?”, then please consider the following steps to get washboard abs as quickly as possible.

Look to your Diet First!

Looking at how to get washboard abs as quickly as possible?  Begin with the right diet is the answer!

Instead of relentlessly carrying out endless sets of crunches start by focussing on the right kind of food to eat, as this will play the biggest role in you losing any excess fat from around your stomach.

The best diet to get washboard abs is one that is full of lean sources of protein, carbohydrates that are derived mainly from vegetables and fruit, plus a healthy dose of the right kind of fats.  In short, the best place to start to get washboard abs is in your kitchen – not the gym!

For further information on some of the best fat burning supplements and foods click here right now to learn more!

Top Tip:  Incorporate grains around your workout period to sustain energy and maximise your fat burning potential!

Incorporate the RIGHT kind of exercises into your workout regime!

Funny tense man tries to lift a weight - dumbbells his biceps - muscle, isoalted on gray white. Nerd male exercise- doing fitness Keywords: funny;Sport;man;tense;lift;lifting;fitness;exercise;exercising;bodybuilding;biceps;muscle;push;tough;training;workout;tries;sportsman;undershirt;loony;fool;nerd;Expression;facial expression;small;dumbbells;isolated;gray;gray background;white;studio-shot;studio;close-up;closeup;weight;human;one;person;adult;young;strength

These are NOT the correct exercises to get washboard abs – try lifting heavier weights!

Having looked at what to eat to get washboard abs, we now need to turn our attention to the right way to exercise, as well as consider some of the best exercises to get washboard abs.  Therefore, please take heed of the following expert advice:

Lift sufficiently heavy weights!

When lifting weights it is important to remember that they need to be heavyish, so no light weights/high reps, please.  Seriously, this approach would not only have a low metabolic effect on your body but also contribute to loss of lean muscle mass as you continue to reduce your calorie intake.  Furthermore, males, particularly, have the testosterone required to produce lean muscle mass quite quickly, so lifting those heavy weights truly is a must for you guys!

Consider Weighted Crunches!

Turning to the subject of ab workouts, you honestly cannot go wrong by including some weighted abdominal work in your routine, especially if you want to get washboard abs fast!  While us ladies may be more concerned about developing a svelte waistline, you guys more than likely want those abs to pop proudly.  Therefore, for the male gender, weighted abdominal work is indeed the right way forwards to build up those ridges that six packs are indeed made of, thus enhancing the appearance of your abs.

Weighted crunches not your thing?  Then why not consider the following fabulous five-star moves? 

Here are some of the best exercises to help you get washboard abs fast!  OK, they may be particularly hard when it comes to ab moves and are not necessarily the easiest way to get washboard abs.  However, you want to know how to achieve washboard abs as efficiently and quickly as possible – right?  Good, then consider the following as they are not only effective but may be especially useful for you guys who want to know how to get washboard abs at home.  They may also be of interest to those of you who would like to find out how to get washboard abs without equipment (or at least without much equipment).  Here they are:

Spiderman Plank Crunch

Begin by putting your body in the regular plank position, making sure it is perfectly straight and that your forearms are on the ground.  Having done so, raise your right knee and bring it forwards in the direction of your right elbow.  Return your body to the traditional plank position.  After repeating on the other side, that will equal one rep.  Aim for 10 complete repetitions.

The Bicycle Crunch

In a lying position, place your hands on the back of your head, raise your legs and position them at a 90 degrees angle.  Move your left elbow over in the direction of your right knee and then do the same on the other side, gradually aiming to build up to one minute. Do try, however, to hold this crunch for two counts, either side, to bring about a stronger, slower and therefore more efficient movement.

The Cross Crunch

This exercise requires you to be lying on your back, making sure both legs and arms are stretched out in front of you. By doing so, your body will represent an X.  While keeping all your limbs straight, take your right hand in the direction of your left foot and then repeat on the other side, while keeping your head, neck and yes, your shoulders too, off the floor. That is just one rep and you will need to endeavour to aim for 10 complete repetitions.

The Cable Rotation

While in the standing position, with both of your hands take hold of a cable and keeping those arms outstretched, hold it slightly beneath shoulder level.  Remembering to keep those abdominals engaged and arms both straight and fixed, rotate the upper half of your body first to the left, then to the centre, then to your right and back to the centre again.  Repeat on the other side.  All of these moves equal just one repetition and yes, you do need to aim for 10 complete repetitions to reap the maximum benefits this exercise does bring.

The Swiss-Ball Rollout

For this particular move, you will need to kneel down on an exercise mat and place both hands on your Swiss stability ball.  Engage those abs and while keeping a straight back, roll the Swiss ball away from yourself as far as you can and then steadily roll it back again to the position you started in.  You must try to achieve two sets of 10 full rollouts to gain maximum benefit from this exercise.

Keep alcohol to the minimum!

Pint of Beer on White

As good as the above exercises are, if you want to get washboard abs fast you will also need to look at keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum. OK, perhaps this is not exactly what you wanted to hear but drinking too much alcohol is not the fastest way to get washboard abs, in fact, it is quite the reverse.

You see, it needs to be born in mind that as relaxing an effect alcohol can produce, it sets you back where both weight loss and gaining fabulous washboard abs are concerned. Unfortunately, this comes about because the moment alcohol enters your system any fat burning comes to a stop and will not be turned on again until it becomes oxidized off. Therefore, if you are determined to get washboard abs as soon as is feasibly possible, you would be wise to keep your alcohol intake to an occasional treat and in doing so, your body (including your abs) should thank you for it!


How Long to Get Washboard Abs?

At this stage I can almost hear you saying these words:

can I get washboard abs in 30 days?

or maybe even:

I want to know how to get washboard abs in 2 weeks but is this possible?

The list of questions on how long it might take to get washboard abs quite literally goes on and on.  However, there is no universal answer because how quickly you make progress when it comes to obtaining that killer six pack depends on among other things, what the current level of your body fat is.

In all fairness, the chances are that you are already the proud owner of some perfectly formed washboard abs, only they are just hidden under a layer of fat and the higher the level of fat this is, the longer it will take for you to “find” your abs. Even so, while some people may be satisfied in knowing how to get washboard abs in 3 months, others will want to know how to get washboard abs in 30 days or less.  However, whether you want to get washboard abs sooner or later, the answer remains the same, i.e. it will differ with everybody and your individual results will depend on both your body fat levels and how dedicated you are to changing your lifestyle and therefore your shape.  So what does it take to get washboard abs? The right diet, lifestyle, mindset and dedication is the answer to that.

I hope this article helps you greatly to get washboard abs as quickly as possible.  Therefore, if anyone ever asks you the question “how do you get washboard abs fast?” or better still, “how do I get washboard abs like yours?” then please refer them to this website.

With enough dedication, you could get washboard abs like these!

The above said, while helping you to get washboard abs is the objective of this post, we cannot ignore the fact that the advice given to do so should result in a healthier YOU all round!

Having looked at how to get washboard abs for the guys, we certainly cannot leave the ladies out, as I am sure there are many women out there who wish to get those washboard abs too!  Should you have a wife, girlfriend, mother or aunt who is looking for some of the best tips to get washboard abs, then please let her know I will be posting an article soon, on this website, as to how us girls can get those washboard abs as well!  Among other things, I will be advising on how to get washboard abs after pregnancy.

In the meantime, have a wonderful summer and now YOU know how to get washboard abs, once you have acquired them don’t be afraid to show them with pride!















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