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What are Fat Burners?


A “burning question” indeed!  However, fat burners (often known as thermogenics) are simply dietary supplements that contain stimulants and extracts of herbs designed, collectively, to encourage weight loss through a process called thermogenesis.  What is thermogenesis?  It is simply when your body starts to produce more heat, as it does when you exercise.  By doing so its core temperature increases and voila, you burn calories and extra fat so much more efficiently as a result.

Fortunately, an effective fat burner may help to initiate the process of thermogenesis even if you are not exercising and perhaps leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Having looked then at what fat burners are, we need to look at what makes a most effective fat burner and the simple answer to that is the right ingredients.  For me, both Phen 375 and PhenQ are amongst the fat burners that really work and you only need to look at what they contain and their user reviews to come to this conclusion.  Nevertheless, in all fairness to you, dear reader, you do not necessarily need to reach for a bottle of pills to activate thermogenesis within your body.  You could start in your kitchen cupboard instead.

Foods that Burn Fat Naturally

Some foods have a higher thermogenic effect than others.  We will now take a quick look then at some of the best fat burning foods you should find at your local supermarket:

Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea can help burn body fat!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that drinking just four cups of refreshing green tea per day helped individuals lose over six pounds over an eight-week period.  Thanks for this go to a compound known as EGCG, found in green tea, that is understood to increase, temporarily, your metabolism after drinking it.

Green tea can warm and stimulate in winter and cool and hydrate in the summertime.  In fact, whenever you feel the need for some healthy fat burning refreshment Green Tea can be a great aid!


Hot peppers

Chilli Pepper could help met that fat!

Chillis are a great fat burning food!

What gives these little power houses their kick is something known as Capsaicin.  This compound naturally heats up your body’s temperature, thus allowing you to burn those calories and melt away that fat!

You can eat hot peppers either dried, raw, cooked or even in powdered form – whatever your preference is.

Why not try adding some cayenne to soup, eggs or a favourite meat dish?  Your body could thank you for it!




Lentils provide an essential source of iron!

When looking at foods that burn fat, lentils cannot be overlooked.  This for a most important reason.

Just one cup of them will provide your body with a whopping 35% of its iron requirements. Interestingly, when your body lacks a nutrient, such as iron, its metabolism slows down as it is not getting that what is required to be able to function properly. Provide it with that what it needs, however, and your metabolism should become far more efficient. Clever – isn’t it?



Wholegrains help burn more calories!

Your body burns only half the amount of calories when breaking down processed foods than it does when digesting wholegrains.  Furthermore, when processing fibre-rich wholegrains, such as brown rice and oatmeal, your body may burn even more than twice the amount of calories than it would with processed foods.  No wonder then wholegrains come under the category of foods that burn fat effectively.

Ideally, you should aim to eat three to five whole-grain foods per day such as wholewheat bread, bran flakes and brown rice.  Enjoy!


Chicken and Other Lean Meats

Chicken is a delicious fat burning food!

High protein foods indeed have a powerful thermogenic effect within your body.

Take the humble chicken for example.  If you were to consume a 300 calorie chicken breast, you would burn approximately 30% of its calorie content via the digestion process alone, approximately 90 calories in this case.

Such foods are not simply the best fat burning foods.  However, they are amongst the most delicious!


Low-Fat Dairy Produce

Low fat cheese aids a healthy metabolism!

Low-fat cheese aids metabolism!

How could cheese, for example, be classed as a fat burning food?  Simply because it and other foods in this category are rich in both vitamin D and calcium, both of which are required to build and preserve muscle mass, which is so necessary for an efficient metabolism.

By adding healthy and delicious low-fat dairy produce to your daily diet, you are not only helping yourself to remain healthy but assisting in the fat burning process at the same time!


If you would like to burn unwanted body fat, the above foods should certainly help.  However, would you be considering purchasing one of those “fat burners that work fast”?  If so, your reasons may be manifold, such as getting into your wedding dress or preparing for a holiday.  In such circumstances, it would be wise to opt for a quality fat burner, such as PhenQ or Phen 375 (details of both are on this website) but before you turn to any fat burner as a means of losing weight, there are a few points you may need to consider.

Are there any Side Effects of Fat Burners?

The simple answer to that is yes there are.   Nevertheless, most types of fat burners currently available are tolerated well by the majority of individuals.

The above said, there are those who should certainly avoid them, such as expectant and nursing mothers, individuals suffering from anxiety and anyone with a heart condition or other serious medical complaint.  Also, people who have a sensitivity to caffeine may need to avoid certain fat burners due to their caffeine content.  Obviously, if you have any health concerns whatsoever or a diagnosed medical illness, it is always wise to seek medical advice before taking any supplements or indeed, embarking on a weight loss programme.

Are Fat Burners Effective?

Indeed, they are but only if you are sensible with your diet and exercise programme at the same time.  So let’s make this crystal clear:

When asking the question “what do fat burners do?” the answer to that is not everything.  Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle will play a great part in successful weight loss as much as anything else.  It is imperative, therefore, that you stick to both a healthy diet and an adequate exercise programme as well as an effective fat burner supplement, as incorporating all three into your daily regime should yield far more positive fat loss results, in less time, than any one approach by itself.












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